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Rainforest Animals - Rare, Threatened and Significant Species

Rainforest Animals has been wholly created, photographed, written and printed in North Queensland: we feel it is important to support local jobs wherever possible. The profits stay in North Queensland, get ploughed back into the publication of more natural history books, with 50c from the sale of each and every copy of Rainforest Animals going to a local wildlife charity.

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Australia’s tropical rainforests contain more plants and animals than any other area in the country - many of which live nowhere else. People from all over the world, and within Australia, visit this natural wonderland to glimpse its secretive animals. As a result, Dr Martin Cohen and Julia Cooper - experts in the region’s wildlife - have written Rainforest Animals, the first of a new series of informative books about Australia’s tropics. Featuring their stunning photography, this book presents fascinating information on many of the rainforest’s rare, threatened and significant animals.

Rainforest Animals introduces you to Australia’s magnificent and ancient tropical rainforests – recognised as one of the most diverse ecosystems on earth. The history and importance of Australia’s tropical rainforest, as well as the huge plant and animal diversity, is outlined in the introduction.

Rainforest Animals also provides some basic ecological information about many of the secretive animals that inhabit this world such as the Southern Cassowary, the Musky Rat Kangaroo, Tree Kangaroos and Tiger Quolls. Many of the animals featured in the book are rare or threatened or are considered significant to Australia’s tropical rainforests.

What they said about this book
“It hardly seems fair that in a few moments, we can savour an array of information and stunning images that have taken Martin and Julia many patient (and enthusiastic) hours to gather. But the best thing is, this is only an appetizer - a wonderful introduction to the lifetime feast of discovery we can enjoy as we each learn to respect and protect our tropical rainforest heritage. Read, enjoy and explore.”
Saren Starbridge,
Editor Wildlife Australia Magazine

Did you know?

  • Australia’s tropical rainforests are relics of the type of vegetation that once covered the continent.
  • The male Southern Cassowary incubates the eggs and raises the chicks alone.
  • The fruits of many rainforest plants are only dispersed by cassowaries.
  • Several rainforest frogs have disappeared over the past 15 years from upland rainforest streams.
  • The Musky Rat Kangaroo is the world’s smallest and most primitive kangaroo.
  • A young tree kangaroo will stay with its mother for up to two years.
  • Fruit bats or Flying Foxes have excellent eyesight and are vegetarians eating fruit, nectar and pollen.
  • Most birds that live in Australia’s tropical rainforest breed late in the year before the wet season rains.
  • Australia’s largest snake, the Amethystine Python, is common throughout the tropical rainforest and grows up to six metres long.
  • The brilliant blue flash of the Ulysses Butterfly is a breathtaking sight in the rainforest especially on a sunny day.
  • Tiger Quolls are the largest surviving marsupial carnivore on mainland Australia.